About Printworks Brewery

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Inspired by our family heritage and tradition as well as a love for craft beer we have launched a brand new craft brewery located behind our pub The Windsor Castle Inn, Lye.

Emily’s father & Grandfather Jack & John Sadler started the family printing & publishing business at number 7 Stourbridge road, now The Windsor Castle Inn & Brewery, when the printing industry was booming in the early 80’s.

Print Works to Brewery to Print Works Brewery!

In 2004 John Sadler packed in the printing & transformed the print works into a brewing haven and tap house following in the footsteps of his great, great, grandfather Thomas back in Oldbury in the late 18th Century.

Since then due to Sadler’s ales success the brewery out grew & moved on from its smaller beginnings at The Windsor Castle inn leaving room for a new craft brewery for our family to get creative with!

Inspired by the passion for brewing beer we have continued the family tradition by starting our new Printworks Brewery producing small batches of craft beer to serve in our pub The Windsor Castle Inn and supplying public houses throughout the Black Country.

Gareth enjoys brewing a selection of craft beers packed full of flavour from some of the best English hops & malt available with some extra special limited-edition experimental brews from time to time too.